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Learn How to Implement a Lead-generating, Money-making SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy | taught by Chris Raulf
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Top-rated, Non-technical and Easy-to-implement, Search Engine Optimization Training Course.

Our self-paced 6-hour long online SEO training course is helping companies of all sizes and from all industries implement a powerful digital marketing strategy. No prior SEO knowledge or coding is required. You’ll also get access to all of our process templates and you’ll be able to start implement the newly learned strategies the very first day.

Proof is in the pudding! Here's what students are saying our training:

Although also a great fit for larger companies, we’ve developed this online training course with small and medium-sized companies in mind. We found that smaller businesses often don’t have the budget to hire a professional search engine optimization agency so our goal was to offer an affordable, high-quality, non-technical and easy to implement solution.

You'll be able to implement a methodology that has helped companies from around the world boost organic search traffic from Google and dramatically increase lead generation and sales from their websites. In fact, many of our students will send us screen shots of their Google Analytics to show us the impact our training had on their business:

Getting your site to rank high on Google will not happen over night but if you implement our methodology then you have a very good chance to get there.

Course Benefits Include:

✓ Lifetime Access: You’ll get unlimited access to the course and future updates.

 The course will be updated and new content will be added on a regular basis.

 Ongoing Support: Exclusive access to online trainings, webinars, and closed LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

 ✓ In-Person Training: Exclusive discounts for onsite and in-person workshops.

Chris Raulf
Chris Raulf
International SEO and Digital Marketing Expert

Hi- My name is Chris Raulf and I’m the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, an SEO training and consulting agency located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. My team and I assists local, national as well as international clients with all of their digital marketing needs. My international background makes me one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath international and multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis. Our company was recently named a “Top 30 SEO Agency Worldwide” and I invite you to learn more about Boulder SEO Marketing and myself by following me on Twitter and by connecting with me on LinkedIn.

The best way to reach me is to send me a message through our website or by calling our office at: 720-263-1736.

Course Curriculum

Create A Ripple Effect with LinkedIn and Boost The Visibility of Your Content
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Reviews (13)

by Andrea Anetsberger

by Sophia Voulgaropoulou

by Nikos Chatzipanagiotou
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by Andrea Anetsberger

by Sophia Voulgaropoulou

by Nikos Chatzipanagiotou

Great training

by Abdinasser Hirsi Gudal
Easy understandable and interesting training videos.

by Ulkar Nasibbayli

by Sargis HANNEYAN

Great course!

by David Altmann
Chris does a great job in making SEO understandable. Highly recommended.

Comprehensive SEO training

by Nana Lachanidou
Well thought-out and easy to follow training course on SEO with ample references, tools and insights delivered by an expert in this field.

by Kasmore RHEDRICK

An Informative and Inclusive Experience

by Kate Teevens
The Boulder SEO Marketing training course provided me with the tools I needed to widen my skill set and become an effect member of my SEO marketing team. The self-paced and interactive interface was easy to use and made for a worry free experience. The inclusive platform allowed me to gain all materials needed for success including keyword tracking spread sheets, meeting templates, and helpful web sources. Although SEO has complicated logistics and data tracking behind it, the Boulder SEO Marketing course made it easy to understand and compatible with my company’s individual needs. I finished this course feeling motivated and ready to implement my new SEO skills. I would highly recommend this training course to anyone wishing to gain insights and expand their knowledge of SEO and the world of digital marketing.

All you need about SEO

by Kerstin Fischer
I love the self-paced nature of the course, because it allows to learn in my own speed, and enables to look topics up when I need it on a daily basis. Chris is presenting very hands-on, in digestible lectures, and at the same time provides in-depth knowledge. I was able to use large chunks of knowledge right away in my projects. What makes the training unique, is how Chris makes it very clear on different stages why SEO is so important and even fundamental for the online marketing mix. The course interface is intuitively built and provides great guidance by its structure, so it's a really nice online learning experience. No matter if you are new to SEO or already have quite some experience- everybody will benefit by the immense in-depth teaching. Very highly recommended!

Great SEO Course!

by anthony Toronto
I went into this course with a working knowledge of the fundamentals of SEO and didn't know what to expect. Not only did this course provide a strong layout of the core principles (or 5 pillars) it introduced the essential tools and processes. No matter what your level of expertise I think there is much to be gained from the value found locked in this course. Chris is able to clearly and concisely explain everything at a smooth pace with great detail. Having all that information in one place and being able to comeback and revisit this whenever has been extremely valuable. Looking forward to the release of the international portion!

All Inclusive SEO Training

by Jeremy Wicker
This online class is more than just SEO training; it is an all inclusive system. Chris Raulf lays out in detail the proper processes and methods you need for a successful SEO strategy. They also provide important tools such as: meeting agenda templates, content inventory management documents, free online SEO tools and much more. If that's not enough, they even go into detail about content marketing strategies, technical website health, and website functionality. We have been implementing Boulder SEO Marketing's SEO system for about a year and we've seen a consistent increase in organic traffic. Our organic traffic has increased by more than 200% in the past year. Based on the improvements we've seen and the fact that SEO is a marathon not a sprint, we expect these percentage increases in organic traffic to be even bigger for foreseeable future. In this day and age, your business is going to get left behind if your website isn't properly optimized; if you haven't heard Chris Raulf's theories on SEO then you're probably not optimizing to the best of your abilities. I highly recommend this course. The cost of the course will be repaid time and time again in the form of increased traffic and increased revenue.